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Michael Louis Desjardins Soleil by EllyGraden90
Michael Louis Desjardins Soleil
This is Michael he is the son of Apollo and Michel Desjardins from the Kane chronicles, he is an OC for my stories. He later falls in love with Carter Kane, Michael is an Omega and later has a son with Carter.

He is a Demigod and a Egyptian Magician.

The Link Below is where I got the base, so I don't own this base.…

His bio is below - 

Name: Michael Louis Desjardins Soleil 

Mother: Apollo God of Music, Art, Poetry, Oracles, Archery, Plague, Medicine, Sun, Light, Knowledge, Prophecies and Civic order. 

Father: Michel Desjardin​s Egyptian magician specials in elemental magic more specific earth but can also use water, and air rarely fire. 

Birthday: October 31, 1996

Age: 15

Appearance: Golden wavy hair that is four inch past his shoulder, bright sky blue eyes, tan skin, lean slender body type unlike his brothers' athletic body type. He loves wearing colors and enjoy's showing his sexuality and his Omega status. He sometimes known for crossdressing, enjoying the feel of Greek linen cloth on his skin, he really enjoys wearing the dresses.  On occasion he enjoys wearing Egyptian cotton or linen dresses or clothes.

Personality: Michael is very easy going and calm, happy person. It's hard for him to loose his temper but when he does looses his temper it's extremely hard for him to calm down, he's not the type that screams or yells instead stays calm and serious without glaring or saying cuss words simple choosing to ignore the person who made him upset. He hates hurting the people who he loves that includes his father even though his father has lost himself to his dementia. When he trusts someone it takes a lot for him not to trust them that includes loving a person, but it is hard to get him to trust someone, he tends to trust his instincts that he inherit from his mother from being the God of Prophecies and knowledge. 

Short History: Michael Louise Desjardins Soleil was born to Michel Desjardins and Apollo on October 31, 1996. Michael weight 7 pounds and half and was 17 inches in length, he was born in the temple of Heliopolis, the First Nome of the House of Life. He grew up on both in Olympus and in the temple of Heliopolis and France, he grew up hearing and speaking English, Ancient Egyptian and Greek along with Old French and modern day French. He had a very loving childhood with his father before his father got very sick by his genetic mutation illness. He felt extremely sad when his mother stop letting him see his father when he became victim to his dementia. He was homeschool all his life, learning healing hymns and to control his Demigod powers with his mother as well as train as a Egyptian Magician by his father as well as combat by both his parents.   

Relationships/Mate: Carter Julius Kane 

Children: Ramsis Alexander Kane 

Sexuality: Homosexual, Omega status 

Greek or Roman Demigod: Greek

Powers: Since his mother is Apollo he's excellent in archery, he inherit healing magic from his mother along with the ability to draw strength from the sun. He is able to conjure up light thanks to his mother being the God of Light and like all other children of Apollo he excels in music, art and poetry. He's able to conjure up Egyptian magic thanks to his father's blood, thanks to both parents conjuring fire comes very easily to him though this could be because his mother is the God of the Sun. He was trained by his father to use Egyptian magic, he's able to use most of the elemental magic although conjuring up water hurts him physically that could be because of who his mother is. 

Weapon/Magical Object: A charm bracelet with symbols of both his mother and Egyptian hieroglyphics that turns into his bow and quiver filled with arrows. A ring that has his birth stone that turns into two throwing daggers that he was trained how to use by his father. 

Necklace: A cartouche with his name on it.…

Also a ankh necklace,…



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